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Most of the year, I log in my 3-mile runs 3-4 days a week and call it a day.  But getting bathing suit ready requires me to kick my own ass a little.  (Each year, a little more than the last!)  Nothing gets me more pumped up that good tunes.

My current ass-kicker workout is an interval run.  After a one mile warmup, I alternate between a 7.5 mpm pace and a 9.5 mpm pace every quarter mile for 30 minutes, total.  (Vital stats: 3.5 miles at an 8.5 mpm pace and about 500 calories.)

By the time I’m starting mile three, I’m REALLY grateful for a couple of good songs to pull me through.  Here are a few of my go-to tunes right now:

1. Athleta Sonar Capri pants.  2. Nike V-neck Training Tee.  3. Asics, Gel Kayano running shoes.


Asian Persuasion
Tinted Tizo

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