About the Editor

Tracy Smith is the editor of Present Perfect – a lifestyle blog for women who define the perfect life not as a flaw-free existence, but rather a life lived as her best self, in gratitude for and intentionally present in every moment she’s given.

The Present Perfect woman values her strengths and accepts her weaknesses; she is comfortable with herself and appreciates how her unique story has shaped her. She wants to be attentive to the people and things she loves most, but she is also being pulled in a million different directions. She is devoted to being the best sister, daughter, mother, leader, partner, and friend she can be, but isn’t willing to forfeit her identity in the process. Although she is crazy-busy and has very little free time, she tries to make looking good, feeling great, growing emotionally and spiritually, having fun, and pursuing her passions a priority.

Tracy is passionate about helping her readers live their best lives by delivering high-quality, original, relevant content including helpful tips about fashion, style, beauty, skin care, fitness, entertaining, travel, and home decorating, as well as initiating meaningful dialogue about a wide range of topics including aging, women in the workforce, sex, friendship, work-life balance, losing a loved one, and parenting, in an entertaining format with an authentic voice women can relate to.

Tracy has a degree in sociology from the University of Southern California and has worked in sales for more than fifteen years – first as an account manager for Xerox Corporation, then as a fund raiser for a non-profit hospital in Pasadena, California. She is raising three young children with the help of her best friend and beloved partner. In her (very little) spare time she enjoys running, painting, reading, attending her kids’ sporting events and performances, and spending time with her family and friends in Los Angeles, California.

She has a weakness for vodka cocktails, Haribo candy, and karaoke.

To contact Tracy, email her at presentperfectsite@gmail.com.