Barely Boho

Unconventional. Unfettered. Worldly. Free-spirited. A bohemian woman exhibits all these qualities and more. She’s artistic, spiritual and poetic. She’s fabulous in bed, an expert listener and is perfectly at ease in the kitchen. She has the most interesting jewelry you’ve seen and the best stories you’ve heard. She is awesome and I love her.

She is not me. Yes – I love to paint, write and read, I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I have an irreverent, unconventional, slightly rebellious streak and I don’t hear many complaints in the boudoir. But the comparisons end there. No one who knows me would ever describe me as “bohemian”. I’m barely boho.

Maybe this is why I am so drawn to women who epitomize Bohemianism – in their habits and worldview, as well as their style.

Sadly, despite my admiration for it, my small frame, short stature and type-A personality does not support boho style very well. At least, not the gypsy-like, draping layers of printed fabrics, oodles of jewelry variety. I have to settle for a barely-boho variety that is better suited to my size and vibe.

This lighter-than-air, 100% cotton dress by Joie, with its lace panels, halter neckline, long silhouette and elastic waistband, is barely boho. It’s a bit big on me (it would look better on a woman with a larger frame or feminine, generous curves), but not completely overwhelming. The universally flattering red is to die for and it gives off the free-spirited, go-with-the-flow vibe I want to embrace. For a more earthy spin on this look, try pairing it with some gladiator flats or a gorgeous silk wrap like this on by Etro.

1. Halter dress by Joie. 2. Platform sandals by Raye. 3. Hobo bag by Rebecca Minkoff.

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