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Is it possible to earn a good living working part-time and running your own business? Like so many other women my age, after eighteen years of running on the corporate hamster wheel my work started to lose it’s meaning. In my search for a Holy Grail of work-life balance, I’ve uncovered so many incredible entrepreneurial opportunities…and countless talented, strong women behind them.


One such woman is Chantel Waterbury. After a 15 year career in jewelry design, development, and merchandising with industry heavyweights like Target Corp., Macy’s, Gap Inc., and LVMH, as well as brands like Kenneth Cole, Cartier, and Tiffany and Co., Chantel, CEO and Founder of Chloe + Isabel (and fabulous Santa Clara University Grad), was offered her dream job: Chief Merchant for Ippolita.

In 2010, Chantel ventured bravely out on her own and created Chloe + Isabel, a fashion jewelry brand devoted to empowering women entrepreneurs through social retail. The company’s handcrafted jewelry is sold exclusively through Merchandisers: a diverse community of women entrepreneurs building their respective businesses through personal styling, social selling, and digital marketing.


Chloe + Isabel has been featured in the country’s top fashion magazines, including InStyle, Vogue, Bazaar, and Glamour. Most recently, the company has been making headlines thanks to a collaboration with celebrity hair stylist, Jen Atkins, who worked with Chloe + Isabel designers to create a fabulous line of modern, chic hair accessories, like their fabulous bun cuffs (yes, please!)

There’s more to love besides hair accessories, however. My personal favorites are the Delicate Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap bracelets. They’re beautiful, high-quality, versatile pieces that can be worn a variety of ways…as a necklace, a choker, a bracelet, or a headband. (And they’re available in several fabulous color combinations.) But I also love their vintage inspired monogrammed charms and their gorgeous and worldly new Jaipur Collection.


Chloe + Isabel’s mission is to provide each and every one of their Merchandisers with the training, resources, and mentorship they need to achieve their personal and financial goals.

Interested in launching your own fun and flexible business with Chloe + Isabel? Learn more or apply online to get started.


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