Leopard: Your New Neutral

Ever since I bought this leopard print coat a few years ago, I’ve become more and more daring with how I’ll wear it.  For one thing, it fits me perfectly, so based on comfort alone, I’m more inclined to choose this coat over some others in my closet.

In the beginning, I stuck with a monochromatic palette, always wearing it with black or beige.  The coat gave my outfits a touch of glamour and was, at times, a conversation starter with women and men alike.

Soon, I began throwing it on – almost as an afterthought – with everything from business suits to jeans and tee-shirts.  To my surprise, it goes with everything!  (Not really everything, but many, many different colors, patterns and styles.)

The coat is so versatile, in fact, that I’ve come to see leopard print – which is, after all, intended by Mother Nature to camouflage rather than stand out – as neutral, rather than a pattern.

If you don’t have any leopard-print items in your wardrobe, or if you do, but you haven’t experimented with them, take my advice: try wearing them with everything!  (Again, not really everything, but many, many things.)  And get ready to collect some compliments.


1. The printed maxi dress by Mara Hoffman is not available, but this solstice, backless dress is fun and I love this silk dress by Yumi Kim. Both of these would look great under a leopard print coat.  2. This leopard print coat is similar (and very affordable). If you prefer a collar, try this coat.  3. Leopard print sandals are Dolce and Gabbana and no longer available, but this lace-up sandal is a nice alternative.  4. Black clutch.  5. Honey brown leather belt.

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