There’s a lot to love about a cropped top and matching skirt.  Easy, sophisticated and current, these sets look great and are simple to accessorize.  The high-waisted skirts keep your midsection exposure to a peekaboo minimum, keeping the flirtatious vibe playful and classy.


1. and skirt.  2. Lauren Merkin beige clutch.  3. Beige sandal.  4.  Gold bangle is by Kate Spade.

As an alternative, try this Grace Top and Henri Skirt (40% and 60% off respectively) from A.L.C. or this gorgeous off-the-shoulder top and fold skirt (30% off) from Nicholas.

For the money, you can’t beat this contemporary abstract crop top and matching skirt or this ornate embroidered mesh top and skirt from Forever 21.

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