Modesty. In Moderation.

As anyone who has endured a long, cold Midwestern or Northeastern winter can attest, there comes a time every spring when the need to liberate your limbs from their cold-weather casings surpasses your dignity and good judgment.  No matter what shape your toenails are in, no matter how ashy your knees and elbows may be or how pale your calves are, no matter how cold it still is outside, you WILL emancipate your arms, legs and toes from their restrictive barrier-clothes and wear shorts!

I knew that feeling well as a teenager in Colorado and – believe it not – I still get that feeling living in L.A., although it’s not nearly as desperate.

But between my deepening commitment to pragmatic UV protection, my (ahem) maturation and frankly, my vanity, I am increasingly interested in ways to feel all the freedom without all the exposure.  And this fabulous shirt dress from Scotch & Soda’s sister label, Maison Scotch, is just what the doctor ordered.

The lighter-than-air cotton easily catches the breeze on a hot day, while shielding my skin from burning rays.  I love the peekaboo side slits and it’s great to have the option to use all or none of the mother-of-pearl buttons.  The casual belt gives the dress shape and lends the dress an air of easy-sophistication.  And if I skipped the razor and salt scrub that morning, so be it.  This is dressing at its best: easy, stylish and sexy.

Don’t get me wrong: I love wearing shorts and I’m not a woman who thinks your exposed skin has an expiration date.  But  modesty – in moderation – can be just as liberating when it’s done right.

IMG_0054 IMG_0058IMG_0089IMG_0064IMG_0094IMG_0057IMG_0053

1.  Maxi shirt dress and belt   2. Navy leather tote.  3. I purchased the wedges from Banana Republic years ago, but these are similar and these are a versatile, cute alternative.  4. Earrings are sold out, but these earrings are almost identical.  5. Northern Star cuff bracelet.

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