My Go-To, Time-Saving Hair Products


These two hair products save me hours of time every week – and that alone would be worth paying big bucks for.  Conveniently, however, they are very inexpensive and easily available.

I’ve tried at least 10 different brands of dry shampoo at nearly every price point and Batiste is by far my favorite (and – if the label is to be believed – I’m not alone!) Often, I buy 3-4 bottles of Batiste at a time so that I always have a new bottle ready when I need it.

By contrast, I stumbled upon It’s a 10 at Target one day and bought it on a whim only to discover it provides fantastic salon-quality volume.  And a little goes a long way, so one six ounce bottle can last for as many months.

All at a combined cost of less than $25? Yes, please.

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Viviscal Hair Vitamins
Serious about Sunscreen

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