No Pressure, No Diamonds

I’m not sure when this begins to occur, but once we reach a certain age, having acquired enough life experience to no longer be green, the people around us start expecting a little more from us each year.  With those expectations comes more pressure.  Pressure, for the most part, to excel in our many different roles as wife, mother, employee, daughter, friend….  To excel at relationships.  To excel at Living.

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I highly doubt many people reach a point when they say to themselves, “I am awesome at my life.  I am too good to even be graded.  Someone should invent a symbol to represent the better-than-an-A+ fabulousness that is me living this life so well.  You can’t improve what’s already perfect”.  No one says that (and most don’t think it.)  And yet the pressure continues to increase.

Fortunately, pressure turns coal into diamonds.  No pressure, no diamond.  So maybe, rather than trying to transcend the pressure, I’ll try to wallow in the pressure-mud like a pig in slop and start shining like a diamond.  Want to try it with me?

1. The Apron minidress with thoughtful details like embroidery, cutouts and pockets is by Kendall + Kylie .  2. Woven-straw Saguaro clutch with an agate stone closure by Kayu.  3. Shoes are D & G.  4. the real deal from Roberto Coin or a faux pair like these.  5. M.A.C. lipstick in Captive.

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