Fit for Friday

There’s a reason most of us started going out on Thursday nights instead of Friday nights once we started college.  If you’re like me, regardless of whether you’re working on Friday, hustling your kids all over town or just catching up on errands, you’re probably exhausted. It’s not at all uncommon for my Friday Day

Asian Persuasion

To be accurate, mine is a Korean-Skincare-Specific persuasion…. No one does skincare better (or spends more money on R & D) than Korea.  Korean women have officially usurped the French as the ruling class of skincare experts.  So why not learn from the best? Over the next two weeks, I’ll be adding four new products

Romp Around

I live in rompers during the summer evenings.  Whether going to a casual bbq, the beach or hosting a few friends for drinks at the house, they’re easy, comfortable, can be worn with a variety of summer shoes (or no shoes at all, as I’m want to do in my own house!) I love this

Presently Polished

New Yorkers and other cold-weather cities have a leg-up on Angelenos when it comes to sophisticated outwear. Nothing elevates and refines a look like a well-designed coat. With the weather heating up and the AC blasting everywhere I go, however, I’m more likely to need a coat indoors than outdoors, so this vest by Vince