Wish List #5: Fair Isle Sweater with Denim and Diamonds

Nothing says winter like a fair isle sweater. Here in sunny Southern California, last week brought just enough of a fall chill in the air to put us in the mood for cozy sweaters. Although it may have passed for a little while, it will be back and I plan to be ready. On my

Jeans, Tees, and Sneakers: Your Fall Uniform

Most days, I don’t want to expend a lot of mental energy getting dressed in the morning, so this week I took the time to craft a basic, casual uniform with lots of jeans, tees, and sneakers that I can mix and match. I don’t have an urgent, deep need to put a fabulous outfit

Women Inspiring Women: Seriously Fashionable Instagram Accounts to Get Out of Your Style Rut

Perhaps it’s the changing seasons – or the lack thereof, as is the case in still-hot, still sunny Los Angeles – or maybe it’s my new lifestyle as a stay-at-home-mom, but lately, I’ve been in a style rut. I no longer need to dress for the office, which I actually love, and a good part

The Myth of Work-Life Balance: One Working Mom Decides to Stay Home

This fall, millions of stay-at-home moms will escort their youngest children off to their first day of kindergarten. They’ll take photographs, shed a tear or two…then immediately go home and update their resumes. When a mother’s youngest child starts elementary school, it signals the end of one era and the beginning of another. For seven

Miss Independent: Making the Case for Getting Help Once in a While

I have always prided myself on my independence; not just my ability to do things myself, but also my resourcefulness. I’ve always had a scrappy, “I can do it” attitude and a knack for putting whatever tools – actual tools, as well as metaphysical and psychological tools – are at my disposal to good use