Guns and America: What Can Be Accomplished and How I Can Help (Maybe)

Thousands of people are steeped in grief after losing friends, parents, and children who were shot and killed last Sunday night in Las Vegas. Coincidentally, exactly one year ago today, I too was steeped in grief after losing my mom. My compassion for those suffering great losses after Sunday’s attack is deep and – just

The Myth of Work-Life Balance: One Working Mom Decides to Stay Home

This fall, millions of stay-at-home moms will escort their youngest children off to their first day of kindergarten. They’ll take photographs, shed a tear or two…then immediately go home and update their resumes. When a mother’s youngest child starts elementary school, it signals the end of one era and the beginning of another. For seven

The Go-Bag: Essentials for Surviving the Summer Sports Circuit

For anyone spending the summer outside on the baseball/softball/soccer fields, at swim meets, track meets, volleyball games, or making beach or camping trips, the summer sports Go-Bag is the clothed and fearless equivalent of a Naked and Afraid survival tool: You don’t think you need it until you NEED it. Last weekend, at my daughter’s