Get the Look of a Blowout in Half the Time: Present Perfect is Now on YouTube!

In December of last year, I surveyed all of you – my faithful readers – soliciting feedback about the site and many of you requested that I share more hairstyling tips. And since hair styling, like so many other things, is a skill best taught through demonstration, as opposed to still photographs, I’ve decided now is as good a time as any to start the Present Perfect YouTube Channel!

YouTube is a relatively new communication vehicle for me (and another challenge with a steep learning curve!), but I’m hopeful that it will be a useful way for me to continue helping us live our best lives by delivering high-quality, original, relevant content including helpful tips about fashion, style, beauty, skin care, fitness, entertaining, travel, and home decorating.

Most importantly, my goal is to bring you videos that save us TIME! Like you, I want to be attentive to the people and things I love most, but I’m also being pulled in a million different directions. I am devoted to being the best sister, daughter, mother, leader, partner, and friend I can be, but I’m not willing to forfeit my identity in the process. Although I’m crazy-busy and have very little free time, I try to make looking good, feeling great, growing emotionally and spiritually, having fun, and pursuing my passions a priority. I want to help you do the same!

So, lest you think your input was ignored, I’m pleased to share my first “How To” hair styling video: How to Get the Look of a Blowout in Half the Time.

Click here to check out my YouTube Channel! I’ve got two more videos in the works which will be published in the next two weeks, so subscribe to my channel to see those as they’re published.

Thank you again for your great feedback and – most of all – for continuing to read Present Perfect!


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