Proportion Play

In fine art, distorting the scale and proportions of everyday objects sheds new light on the pedestrian and mundane, and is often the quality that gives a work of art distinction and staying power.  There’s no denying the ah-ha moment – whether subtle or overt – of seeing beauty in something we see and ignore day after day.

The same is true in fashion.

Whether spotlighting a particular part of the body or a special accessory, proportions play an important role in what we see and how we feel.  For most of us, our ideas about proportions are unconscious – rules we picked up throughout our lives about what is appropriate or flattering – and habitual.  (And at least one of the reasons we feel stuck in a fashion rut now and then.)

Identifying my own unconscious rules and then consciously breaking them always leads me somewhere interesting (even if it isn’t always aesthetically pleasing!)  At the end of the day, it’s a study of my individuality and self-consciousness, which is always valuable and entertaining.

IMG_9881IMG_9838IMG_9843IMG_9876green skirt collageIMG_9850 IMG_9855

1. The skirt is from Zara and no longer available, but I’m crushing on this carnival stripe skirt and this taupe skirt makes a great, neutral addition to any summer wardrobe. (Both skirts would look great with a simple white sweatshirt.  2. Boys grey crewneck sweatshirt.  3. Nomadic, grosgrain and leather belt is old (and for the life of me, I can’t remember where it’s from), but try this tribe belt or this or embroidered wool belt.  4. Wood-sole sandals by Schutz are sold out, but these are similar and look for these in oyster (link takes you to black pair, but they have them in oyster.)  5. Necklace is by Giles and Brother and no longer available, but this necklace and this necklace are both similar. (While different this and this are both interesting alternatives with a similar vibe.)  6. Gorjana leather wrap bracelet is no longer available, but try this one by Frye.  7. YSL bag.

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