Fire Cider: Staying Healthy All Winter Long

It’s flu season and with everything going on in my life these past few months – more stress, less sleep – my immune system is probably taking quite a beating, making me seriously susceptible to catching viruses and colds this winter.  That’s the last thing I need. So, last weekend, I brewed up a new

Five New Beauty Products to Try This Fall

Since I last provided extensive product reviews (see The Verdict), several readers have asked me to review additional products – a request I love and relate to well, since I depend heavily upon product reviews from friends and neutral third-party sources when I buy any new products. One of my favorite resources for product reviews

The Verdict

Just over four weeks ago, I decided to see if the Korean Beauty juice was worth the squeeze by making a few changes to my current beauty routine and folding in a few Korean-produced products. A preface before I continue: Perhaps the one and only silver lining to dealing with acne for the last 25+

Get Slimed

Snail slimed, that is. In my exploration of the wonderful world of Korean skincare secrets, I’ve come across some very unusual ingredients, including bee venom, salmon eggs, donkey milk and pig collagen.  So, I wasn’t terribly surprised to learn that snail slime is a common ingredient in many popular Korean beauty products. Snail Slime, or

Asian Persuasion

To be accurate, mine is a Korean-Skincare-Specific persuasion…. No one does skincare better (or spends more money on R & D) than Korea.  Korean women have officially usurped the French as the ruling class of skincare experts.  So why not learn from the best? Over the next two weeks, I’ll be adding four new products