Vivid Velvet: The Go-To Fabric for Fall

If you only add one new item to your wardrobe this fall, consider buying something velvet: The go-to fabric for fall. Until recently, when I thought of velvet, a few images sprang quickly to mind: Christmas plaids and black velvet hair bows ala 1987, red velvet capes with white marabou fir trim, my college dorm

Jeans, Tees, and Sneakers: Your Fall Uniform

Most days, I don’t want to expend a lot of mental energy getting dressed in the morning, so this week I took the time to craft a basic, casual uniform with lots of jeans, tees, and sneakers that I can mix and match. I don’t have an urgent, deep need to put a fabulous outfit

Women Inspiring Women: Seriously Fashionable Instagram Accounts to Get Out of Your Style Rut

Perhaps it’s the changing seasons – or the lack thereof, as is the case in still-hot, still sunny Los Angeles – or maybe it’s my new lifestyle as a stay-at-home-mom, but lately, I’ve been in a style rut. I no longer need to dress for the office, which I actually love, and a good part

Chloe + Isabel

Is it possible to earn a good living working part-time and running your own business? Like so many other women my age, after eighteen years of running on the corporate hamster wheel my work started to lose it’s meaning. In my search for a Holy Grail of work-life balance, I’ve uncovered so many incredible entrepreneurial opportunities…and countless