Mini-Skirts For Day: Styling Mini Skirts for Daytime Playtime

Few items are sexier than a great mini-skirt. Just last weekend, while heading to a party, my husband expressed his opinion that I don’t wear enough mini-skirts. When I explained that mini-skirts are tougher to pull off after 40 (a subject for another blog post), he said, “if you really feel that way, then just wear them for me when we go out on dates.”

As much as I love my husband’s enthusiasm for seeing my legs in a mini-skirt, it also underscores the reason my mini-skirts spend most of their lives on the hanger instead of on me. They’re often too sexy to wear out.

mini-skirt and ankle boots

mini-skirt and ankle boots

Unless, of course, mini-skirts are styled for daytime playtime.

The trick for styling mini-skirts for day is to minimize their sexy-appeal and balance the look by adding elements from the opposite end of the sexy spectrum; the unsexy end.

For this look, I paired my red mini-skirt with the most unsexy top in my wardrobe: A shapeless, baggy, grey sweatshirt over a prim collared Oxford shirt. Then, for good measure, I added a simple black leather boot with no heel to complete the look.

Now, instead of looking too sexy or inappropriate, the skirt adds a playful pop of color and exposes enough skin to be flirty without crossing over into Sexy Town.

mini-skirt and ankle boots

mini-skirt and ankle boots

mini-skirt and ankle boots

mini-skirt and ankle boots

To shop the look, see select items below and start experimenting:

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