Why You Need Instagram

Instagram is a voyeur’s dream.  If you’re not on it, you need to be, even if you choose to keep your account private and never post a single photo.  And if you’re already on Instagram or choose to get on Instagram after this post, you need to follow me!  I post a lot of photos on

Present in Montecito – Day 2

The weather is perfection!  Blue skies and not a cloud in sight.  The perfect day for brunch on the terrace at the Coral Casino Club with a view of the ocean. The quality of this Roman Holiday-esque top by Tibi is divine. I wish Tibi made sheets using the same fabric as this blouse. 1.


Polished.  Professional.  Chic.  Comfortable.  This vest is all that and then some.  Worn to work or with jeans and boots on the weekend, it’s a versatile addition to any wardrobe and can be worn year-round.1. Cupcakes and Cashmere vest.  2. White turtleneck, Tees by Tina.  3. J. Crew pants.  4. Croc embossed pumps.  5. Clare