Military Vest and Jeans: Utility Chic

My diaper-bag carrying days are behind me (thankfully), but I still have to schlep a lot of stuff around when I’m with my kids.  Lately, I’m in and out of the car so often – and on the phone with my husband, swapping kids or arranging our next meeting spot – that it can be really handy to have my keys and phone at-the-ready, rather than in my bag.  This utilitarian vest allows me to keep everything I need in my pockets and still have room for anything else that gets handed to me throughout the day.

Wear it with jeans or slip it on over a long-sleeved weekend dress with flats or sneakers.IMG_9463 IMG_9465


IMG_9473 IMG_9482 IMG_9487 IMG_9491 IMG_9498 IMG_9508 IMG_9512 IMG_9521 IMG_95281. Military-Style Vest.  2. Grey long sleeve t-shirt.  3. Black button-down blouse.  4. Distressed skinny jeans.  5. I purchased the wedges from Banana Republic years ago, but these are similar and these are a versatile, cute alternative.  (Try swiping a little green polish on your nails as an additional accessory!)

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