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Despite my earnest wish to have long hair like my friends, I had a Dorothy Hamill bowl cut as a kid.

I used to wear my nightgown on my head and pretend it was my hair.  I would drape my nightgown-hair over one shoulder and lay it across my chest, then fling it over my shoulder ala Cher, just to feel the weight and sway of it.

After my daughter was born, my hair dreams came true for a brief, hormone-fueled season and I loved it.

But like most hairstyles I’ve had, I grew tired of long hair and have gone from medium to short and back to medium-length cuts ever since.  Even when I’ve wanted to grow my hair long again, I eventually lose patience and cut it.

So when I read about Viviscal dietary supplements a few years ago, I filed it away in the back of my mind to try the next time I feel up for the challenge of letting my hair grow long.FullSizeRender-2The product has celebrity endorsements a mile long from Reese Witherspoon to Kate Hudson to Gwyneth Paltrow, and claims to have the market cornered on over the counter hair growth supplements.

I’ve been taking them for about five weeks and had a fairly substantial trim a couple weeks ago, so it may be too soon to judge, but I’ll keep you posted.  (I’ll post before and after photos in a few months and we can judge together.)

Full disclosure:  I have read reports that this works on ALL your hair and I can personally report that this seems to be true.  Nothing a fresh razor can’t fix – and a small price to pay for a fabulous mane – but a less-than-ideal side effect nonetheless.

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